REFLECTION: I_____’s Pregnancy, March 2012

What?  You want me to shoot your maternity photos?  Huh?  But I’ve never done that before….

A little over two years ago, those were the thoughts that ran through my mind when my friend I_____ asked me to take her maternity photos.  I had serious doubts about my ability to perform this function.  In general, I do my best photographic work with non-human subjects: flora, fauna, landscapes….  People are difficult.  They need to be posed.  They complain if the photos aren’t just right.  Trees and flowers don’t complain.  Squirrels don’t complain.

But I_____ is a very good friend.  I really love her, so how could I say “no?”  Obviously I couldn’t.  We scheduled an afternoon for it.  I had conditions, however.  No nudity.  I told her that if she wanted that, she was welcome to use my camera with the remote shutter release while I waited in the hallway.  I refused to take any of those cheesy photos where the husband was shirtless and hugging her belly.  I didn’t to take any of the cliché photos of the hands forming a heart, either but I_____ insisted.  The client gets what the client wants….

We took a lot of photos.  Photos of I_____ and her husband S_____.  Photos of just I_____.  Inside and outside.  All different angles.  It actually ended up being a lot more fun than I expected.  I have some goofy photos of I_____ and S_____ that I absolutely love.

In the end, I think I produced some good photos.  I think I_____ agreed and I don’t think S_____ really cared that much.  This is my favorite of the “maternity” photos (and yes, the painting was my handiwork):


Not bad for my first time, right?


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