REFLECTION: Spicer Orchards, November 2013

What’s better on a cool autumn day than hot apple cider and a fresh donut?

One Sunday in November of last year, my now-ex-boyfriend J__ and I decided to go to Spicer Orchards in Fenton, Michigan.  I had never been to an apple orchard/cider mill, and J__ had decided that this was completely unacceptable.  We chose Spicer’s because it was a big and very popular place.

When we left J__’s house, it was sunny out and just a little chilly.  We arrived at the orchard and immediately went inside the “store” to get our donuts and cider.  The placed was packed and the lines were long, but it was definitely worth it.  I also bought a bottle of raspberry chipotle sauce and peach chipotle sauce to put on chicken and salmon.  Yum!  We took our treasures outside to a picnic table and discussed what to do next.

Since it was late in the season, we didn’t really want to pay to pick our own apples.  As we took a walk through the orchard, our suspicions were confirmed: most of the remaining apples were rotten.  I did, however, have my camera with me and had a great take shooting photos around the orchard.

IMG_0950_Purple_Sage_Watermark The fun never stops when I have my Canon EOS Rebel T2i and Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye Lens in-hand. IMG_0965_HDR_Purple_Sage_LS_Watermark

J__ and I were having a really good day and started getting a little silly.  I don’t remember what inspired him, but J__ decided that he wanted to “run” naked through the orchard.  When we were sure that no one was nearby, he stripped down to nothing but his socks and started prancing around.  He even posed for a photo (which I no longer have), holding a bunch of apples in front of his genitals.  It was pretty hilarious.

We kept walking and came across a pumpkin patch.  Most of the “good” pumpkins were gone, but J__ managed to find a small one that was in good condition.  He requested a photo of him balancing it on his head (silly boy).  It was his Facebook profile photo for almost 2 months after that.

J__ and I broke up later that month, but I still smile when I think about our day at Spicer’s.


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