REFLECTION: Stony Creek Metropark, July 2012

Stony Creek Metropark is one of my favorite places in the metro Detroit area, even though I’ve never lived particularly close to it.

I first visited the park in the summer of 2007, with my now-ex-boyfriend B____.  He wanted to check out the mountain bike trails and I decided to rollerblade on the paved path while he did so.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased my own mountain bike and we rode the trails at the park together at least once per week.

In 2008, when I returned to live in the metro Detroit area “permanently,” I continued riding the trails at Stony.  I went as often as possible, sometimes riding with my friend D___, sometimes with my coworker P___, and sometimes alone.


Sometimes I would read or do yoga at a picnic area after a ride.  I rarely had a bad time out there.

In 2009, after I adopted my dog from Oakland County Pet Adoption Center, my friend S______ and I would meet up to walk the dogs around the woods.  They loved the park too.


In 2012, when I bought my first dSLR camera, I had a new way to have fun at Stony.  Some days, instead of taking the dogs, S_______ and I would take our cameras to the park and shoot away.  We would walk along the paved path and along the nature walk.  Sometimes we encountered wildlife and sometimes we didn’t, but we always had fun.  This is one of my favorite photos from Stony:



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