“We thrive not when we have done it all, but when we still have more to do.” – Sarah Lewis

My sister-in-law’s uncle M___ sent me this quote yesterday as motivation and reassurance for my novel writing project.  He’s been sporadically cheering me on since I told him about it back in March and I think he’s been creeping my blog (Hi, M___!).

If what Ms. Lewis asserts is true, then I will thrive for a long ass time.  I always have more to do.

I seem to have a problem taking on more than I can reasonable handle.  I don’t know why I do it, but I consistently put myself in situations in which I feel overwhelmed.  It happened when I started my photography business when I already had a full-time job and half-time enrollment in graduate school.  That was part of the reason that I shutdown my company after 1 year.

It seems that I am filling up my calendar once again.  I have a different full-time job and I’ve finished graduate school, but now I’m writing book reviews (see my posts titled “BOOK REVIEW…”) on a volunteer basis for the Free Time Entertainment Guide (part of The Daily News in Greenville, Michigan), I’m trying to write a novel (see my posts titled “30-day Novel…”), and I’ve just agreed to write a monthly column for Free Time’s SHE feature section (watch for my first piece in mid-May!).

Oh yeah, and I’m trying to post regularly on my blog.  I haven’t been dedicating enough time to this blog lately and I feel a little guilty about it.  When I started blogging, it was an anonymous blog used for therapy purposes, to focus my thinking on positive things.  I later started a sex-focused blog, which I used to research and disseminate information that I found particularly interesting.  Last month, I decided to combine the two blogs.  I decide to expose myself personally to the world, as well as discuss topics that interest me.  I thought my blog would be more interesting if it include both the personal and the academic stuff.

Lately, as my followers may have noticed, I’ve mostly been posting brief daily updates related to my novel-writing progress (or lack thereof).  I haven’t been posting very much thoughtful, deep material, and I haven’t spent much time researching sex topics like I’ve wanted.  Both of these shortcomings have been due to 1) my lack of sleep/energy and 2) my initial dedication to my novel.  I’d really like to improve upon this and become more engaged in my blog again and get back to writing posts with real substance.

With that in mind, about what would you like to read on my blog?  What would you like to read in my column? 🙂


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