30-day Novel: Day #7

Total Word Count: 8,507

Man, I am really falling behind.  Things just are not going my way with writing this book so far.  I think my biggest obstacle has been my lack of energy.  If I could just sleep better, I might be able to focus better.

Yesterday, I felt like I was working nonstop.  The only break I took was for lunch.  After work, I didn’t realize how stressed and worn out I was until I called Comcast to cancel my cable TV service.  I was on hold for the majority of the call.  After 20 minutes, the customer service representative still hadn’t pulled up my account and I could barely understand what he was saying (he had a thick accent and was mumbling).  I hung up, dissatisfied.

I needed to write, but I felt like I was going to have a breakdown.  I grabbed a beer and drew myself a hot bath.  I soaked for a while, drinking my beer and texting D__.  It helped.  Maybe a half hour later, I got out, put on my pajamas, and sat down with my laptop in the living room.

I started writing slowly and gradually started getting back into the story.  Just as I felt like I was getting into the groove again, D__ said something that upset me.  He said he was joking, but it was the second time he had made that joking comment in one day, and the tone didn’t translate through the text.  I took it the wrong way.  We got into an argument and my ability to concentrate on my story went right out the window.  We resolved our misunderstanding within an hour or so, but by then, I had a headache and was too tired to try to get back into the book.  I watched a movie and went to bed.

I need to write 4,829 words today to get back on track.  After sleeping very little last night, I really doubt I’ll be able to reach that goal.  Instead, I’ll aim to write a minimum of 3,300 words between work and therapy this evening.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “30-day Novel: Day #7

  1. Don’t worry about how many words you are behind today and don’t feel you need to catch up on all the words in one day either. Split them up! Add 500 words to your total everyday and catch up that way. It is much less intimidating and so long as you make your mark everyday now on, you’ll be all caught up in a week! 🙂

    Keep going. This intense form of writing is only for a month. 🙂 (until July or November anyway 😉 )


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