“Dinner and a movie is nice and all, but curling up on the couch together with your books is usually ideal.”

As I was browsing through my Google Alerts results earlier today, I came across a link titled “15 Dating Problems Only Book Lovers Understand.”  Since I’m an unwed bibliophile, it only made sense for me to check it out.  Here are the problems they list:

  1. It’s hard to meet new people, because your nose is constantly in a book.
  2. When someone does finally engage in conversation with you, it rarely meets your expectations.
  3. The same applies to texts and e-mails; one-line responses to your wordy proclamations just don’t cut it.
  4. You overanalyze every word your significant other says, looking for meaning where there is none.
  5. When you finally see someone’s place for the first time, you’re overcome with anxiety.
  6. Book preferences can be deal-breakers, even if someone’s a great match otherwise.
  7. On the other hand, bookishness can blind you to loads of blatant flaws.
  8. Neglecting to read a recommended book is as bad as forgetting a birthday.
  9. But borrowing a book without asking is a big no-no too.
  10. Sometimes, all you want to do is read.
  11. And reading isn’t exactly a group activity.
  12. Sometimes you get so caught up in what you’re reading that you project your character analysis onto other people.
  13. You expect everything to be resolved neatly and conclusively.
  14. Break-ups can feel like postwar negotiations, and divvying up your bookshelf can be complete hell.
  15. How, exactly, are you supposed to balance dating with the precious time you need to spend with all of the wonderful authors on your to-read list?

Overall, I thought this list was pretty entertaining.  I’ve “bolded” the problems that I have experienced or think I could experience in a dating situation.

Reading through this made me think of D__, since he’s a reader too, although not as avid as I.  Problems 10, 11, and 15 are what made me specifically think of him.  The other day, we were texting each other about the books we were reading (D__ was reading Great Expectations and I was reading The Sea, The Sea).  At some point in the conversation, he mentioned that he would really enjoy just curling up on the couch and reading together.  How perfect is that?  It’s so nice to know that we don’t have to choose between spending time with our books and spending time with each other.  Today we even decided that, once summer comes, a really nice date would be to go to a park on a sunny day to have a picnic and read.

I think my personal favorite on the list is problem 6.  I can’t imagine a situation in which I would consider differing book preferences to be a deal-breaker.  I have a wide range of tastes in books, but I haven’t come across many people in my life (romantically or not) that like all of the same kinds of books I do, especially the sex-related ones.  D__ and I have thus far been unable to agree upon books.  I send him links to books that I think sound interesting and he’s completely uninterested.  Do I care?  Not particularly. 🙂

For you readers and bibliophiles that are so graciously following my blog, have you encountered any of these problems?  What are your thoughts?


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