“Never make eye contact while eating a banana.”

I had a rough day at work today. I’m in desperate need for humor. I was browsing through the “Quotes” section on Pinterest (as my therapist directed me to do) and I across the title of today’s post. My posts thus far have been very serious.  Trust me, I understand that important of contemplating things seriously in an effort to change my mode of thinking. But everyone needs to lighten the mood on occasion, right?

So I ask you: Why do you think you shouldn’t make eye contact while eating a banana?

I can think of only one answer, and it’s not an “appropriate” one. Do I care? Not really. I don’t have much of a filter for impropriety. I’m blunt and honest, often a fault. I sometimes make people uncomfortable (not on purpose). I believe our society is way too concerned with being politically correct. I don’t mean that I support being intentionally offensive and insulting toward others. I just think some people are a little too sensitive over some things.

The answer to the question: One should never make eye contact while eating a banana because the other party may assume that you are being sexually suggestive.

Well, so what?  Maybe you are being sexually suggestive. Maybe you’re trying to entice or tease someone. Maybe you’re just being goofy. Believe it or not (if you know me, you’ll believe it), I disagree with today’s quote. As long as you know what message you’re sending, make all the eye contact you want while eating that banana!


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